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Marketing has been at the forefront of all communication. Advertisers and marketers have figured out how to exploit digital marketing or internet marketing to make effective and efficient communication stories and make an impact where it counts. Accounted for a mere 2% of marketing budgets until few years back, internet based marketing now commands more than 25% of share in A&M spends for businesses – a phenomenon prevalent across sectors like FMCG, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Aviation, Automobile, Apparel to name a few.

Knowing what social media is, and understanding social media marketing is different. A charted course with pre-designed modules which address the key skills and understanding required to use the medium to one’s advantage is essential. ICDL has the distinction of being the foremost certification body with global footprint in Digital Marketing Course. With presence in more countries than most people remember the names of, ICDL has impacted over 15 Million students in their internet marketing careers over the last few years.
ASIDM, an Accredited Test Centre of ICDL
is your chance to be part of the international certification program and explore possibilities in a rewarding career around the world.


15 Million

Students Certified

126 Countries

and counting

20 Years

of Customized Curriculum

2.5 Million tests

taken annually


The only digital marketing training program where you get in-depth knowledge of all the modules of digital marketing with practical hands-on exposure.

Our certification enables marketers and sales professionals – at all stages of their career – to learn relevant and

The assessment is based on a formal computer-based examination that will measure individuals’ knowledge and digital

One of the fundamental use of a computer today is to draft documents in MS Excel, Power

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Most of the people wish to retire at 40. The current education system of 10+2+3+2 makes sure you are almost 25 before you actually kickstart a career. Digital Marketing Certification Program gives you the opportunity to start working at 20 …with a possibility to retire at 40.


- Hoshank Thapa

- Anuj Sharma

“It was a great learning, getting in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing at AcademySIDM. Three cheers for the tutor.”

- Viplov Yadav

“It was a great learning, getting in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing at AcademySIDM. Three cheers for the tutor.”

- Ritik Diwedi

“ASIDM is an epitome of qualitative Institution for Digital Marketing. I was able to bring up my Digital Learning from the sessions at the Institute.”

- Tushar Rastogi

“ASIDM makes learning fun and intuitive. With detailed curriculum, they provide in-depth knowledge and practical training in all digital domains. This course is worth to pursue.”

- Abhay Banthia

“I have learned a lot about Digital marketing at ASIDM.The Trainer is good and guides every student individually. Overall a wonderful learning experience at ASIDM. “

- Bilal Syed

While the classroom learning was seeding ideas into my mind, the workshop and Industry exposure at ASIDM allowed me to execute them. A full learning curve!

- Aditya Sharma

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