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What do you know about social media marketing and what is your education level when it comes to digital marketing through social media? It is imperative that B2B organizations develop and grow their brand by understanding the best social media practices. Creating an online brand is as important as reaching out to the clients. During the digital marketing course in Delhi, you will learn to use various social media platforms for brand protection, development of business, and most importantly, creating brand awareness.

Social media, in recent years, has come up as the best digital marketing and it has become even more important for young marketers to be aware of the complex details that are associated with marketing on social media.

Digital marketing course online for Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Twitter

  • During your course at Academy SIDM, you will learn to create engaging and highly visible social profiles.
  • You will learn how to target and choose groups that have the capability of bringing the most business
  • How to use the features of various social platforms to research the market and to launch targeted digital marketing campaigns online
  • How can you develop and create a unique company page where all the freshly crafted and relevant content will be shared
  • You will be educated on how to connect all your online activities with your social page

There are many hands-on training opportunities for the students to indulge themselves in – they will be learning the structure of business to business marketing and how they can make it better.  As a young marketer, it is important for you to review social networks, have the knowledge of their differences and how each one could be used for different type of campaigns – Academy SIDM will be your go-to source when it comes to everything digital.

SEO course and PPC Course at ASIDM

The course is all about improving your company’s online visibility without cutting corners. You need result-focused SEO practices to get your business rank higher on Google, and that is where the knowledge of this course will come in.

Digital marketing course in Delhi – What you’ll learn?

You will be learning to avoid negative SEO practices that can come back to haunt your entire marketing campaign. A badly done SEO can do more damage than you can imagine and instructors at Academy SID will make sure that you understand the risk.

You will also be learning to meet all the ever-changing and trending guidelines of Google.

The instructors and marketing professionals working at Academy SIDM will take care of all the digital marketing course details for you and will make sure that you get the best possible training and are able to kickstart a career in the marketing career that you always wanted.

After the completion of your mobile marketing course and web designing course, you will get the skills that you should have to get a job in the industry as competitive as this one. Modern marketers need modern marketing skills and that is where ASIDM will come in.


What is advertising? If you have to explain this to someone who doesn’t know anything about Digital marketing or advertising, just tell them that you spend money in certain targeted places to make money – he might get a bit confused but this is the simplest way to explain advertising.

The next step in marketing is designing a highly focused strategy that will drive that investment – this step is a bit complex. You must know every little detail about your accounts and projects, are they organized properly, and are they bringing a healthy return, are they being managed properly, and are they profitable, will they be profitable? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself while planning and executing a marketing plan for a digital business.

The ‘ASIDM’ difference

Don’t use the word ‘strategy’ as loosely as others do and have been doing for years. A strategy can be rushed, or well managed, and at the same time it can be good and bad, so just by calling a plan ‘strategy’ doesn’t clear anything, neither for you nor for the client. At Academy SIDM, people take the work very seriously.

Learn Digital Marketing and take your budgets farther

Strategic marketing projects are not simple to implement – they combine the competitive analysis with a directional implementation which is then accelerated by an educated team – heightening the combined strategy is and should be the motto of any marketing plan.

All the digital marketing classes and practical projects are managed and anchored by a dedicated team of expert instructors working at our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi NCR. Separate classes are organized to make the students experience and execute result-oriented paid campaigns for the clients so that they tackle real-world issues more effectively.

After each class, you will get a better knowledge of how to understand the complex objectives of the companies, customers, and most importantly, the competition of the firm you’ll be working for. The expertise of our instructors helps the institute in answering the tough questions about paid marketing – the students get a firm knowledge of the channels and format they will be working on and what should be the root of ideas for creating healthy conversion and awareness among the users.

Things you will touch during your digital marketing certification courses

  • You will learn how to improve the individual setups for Google AdWords that will be running on various social channels and networks.
  • Knowing the details of the way the clients are behaving online is important – you will learn to change the future advertisements and paid campaigns according to those behaviors. You will be able to dynamically change and adjust the campaigns midway to target the highest-valued prospects.
  • Filling the gaps left by paid campaigns by running relevant ads that fit the particulars of the industry and the clients.
  • Eventful conversions of marketing will always be the key to the Digital Marketing Training in Noida to reinforce the campaign in a cost-effective way across all platforms and also for reaching the audience more effectively.


What is better than learning from people, professionals who have in the industry for years and work in the digital marketing field every single day? You get to the learn the minute details of digitization of marketing around the world, from optimizing your website content to driving traffic to your website, from coming on top of the search engines, to bringing in new customers on your online e-commerce platform, getting Digital Marketing Training in Delhi will cover everything.

Digital marketing course in Delhi with placement is just a simple phone call away.

The digital marketing course at Academy SID is for anyone and everyone who wants to understand and master the art of creating effective digital campaigns in the future. The course covers key elements, best practices, and complex case studies for practically understanding the guide to online marketing. The benefit of studying at the best digital marketing Training institute in Delhi is the attention to detail of the experienced faculty and the online tools and references that you get already highlighted for you. The class structure of the course enables the students and attendees to leave with a focused and more apt hands-on knowledge of online marketing.

Who can attend the digital training course at ASIDM?

It doesn’t matter what your position in your company or firm is, if you want to get involved in the hands-on management of various social and digital platforms and want to create a digital strategy for a business then this course is for you. For youngsters who want to kick start their careers and steer in the direction they want, investing in a digital marketing course will always act as a cornerstone.

Don’t ask ‘how to learn digital marketing’ – ask ‘what will you learn’ instead?

The marketing industry of India has seen a tremendous amount of diversification in the last decade, and that is a good thing. There is no shortage of tech vendors who are offering a wide range of marketing solutions on digital platform – they are reaching out to the audience and are taking their clients with them. But the companies are struggling to understand the rapidly-growing landscape of things and how to determine just the right solution for their marketing plans. This is where our students, you, will come in. You will be able to solve their problems for them and share your key findings to take their digital marketing plans to a whole new level.

After the completion of your course, your ‘learning outcomes’ will include:

  • Digital planning and marketing strategy
  • Search Engine and Social Media Optimization [SEO, SMO]
  • Pay Per Click and Google Adwords Marketing
  • Auditing the current approaches of your firm and how to improve the performance of the existing ones
  • Social Media Marketing including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Online Advertising [ad networks, behavioral targeting]
  • Original Content Creation and how to deploy it for an SEO-friendly website


Every month, thousands of people search for the top digital marketing programs and the leading digital marketing training institute, they can get themselves enrolled in. This clearly shows the popularity of the course among the people. In fact, in the past few years there has been immense rise in the popularity of the digital marketing courses instigating so many training institutes to open up. But when you are looking out for the institutes to get yourself enrolled into, what are the factors that you keep into consideration?

Here are the factors that describe the standard of a digital marketing institute:


Course curriculum


Environment of the class

Teaching method


A training institute’s proficiency is judged on the basis of many other factors but most importantly one checks the delivery method. Any good Advanced Digital Marketing training institute would include the most essential modules of Digital marketing like SEO, SMO, SEM and many more. All the strategies are binded well together to make to an advanced digital marketer.

The second factor that affects the choice for the institute are the mentors. The mentors that are experienced and knowledgeable can give you the best inputs about the market informations as they keep themselves updated with the change in the industry. If you get a proper digital marketing training, the trainer would be able to give you in- depth knowledge about internet marketing. Such insights help you get in class as well as practical knowledge.

The sessions in such institutes are always kept in accordance to the international market standards and this conviction is of great help for a capable learner to apply in his career as a digital marketer. Apart from that, proper certification helps you become a brand in yourself and this gives a kick start to your digital marketing career. Even before entering the market you know that you are in demand, you are confident enough to utilize the acquired knowledge when you step into the market.

One suggestion that we would like to give to everyone who is willing to join the digital marketing institutes is that you check the google certification. This way you will strengthen the skill set and also be sure of the authenticity of the institute.



A digital marketing course designed, managed, taught and validated by industry professionals

At the end of the day, it is all about the digital difference we can make in the industry. We certify young marketers in the digital marketing field to give them a career boost they so desperately need in a day and age when traditional advertising ideas are rapidly being replaced by the digital ones.

With tie-ups with many International Institutes, ASIDM is no longer at the periphery of the digital revolution in India – we set global standards in digital marketing with the detailed courses that we provide and have been providing to digital marketers.

Our social media courses will help you understand the importance of social platforms in digital marketing campaigns.

Whether you have just passed out from your college or have just completed your schooling, or even if you are among those people who want to upgrade their resumes, our social media, and digital marketing courses are perfect for you.

Every single course available with us is a cornerstone of something bigger. Our digital marketing certification course will help you get a clear idea of some of the most used digital marketing tactics and specialisms – you will come across SEO, mobile marketing, social media marketing courses, digital marketing certification, E-Mail marketing, PPC, etc.

Social Media Training

The interactive training classes will provide you with a highly detailed and a strong foundation in all the basic concepts of social media marketing. We will make sure to give you an in-depth knowledge of how to create a social media marketing plan from scratch and how to use various marketing tools to implement is better – effectively strategizing the digital marketing plan will be the key element.

To excel in your digital marketing career, you will have to have perfectly balanced and in-depth understanding of social media marketing and online structure of the brands – ASIDM will manage everything for you, with you.

Social Media Marketing Training at the Best Institute of Digital Marketing

ASIDM is your chance to kickstart a dynamic, exciting career in social media marketing. Our certification courses will go with you all around the world and will be accepted in every International University, too.

During social media marketing certification online, you will learn under the guidance of some of the most learned and experienced digital marketing experts – you will be able to engage the audience through various social media platforms after the completion of the course. You will also be able to create, develop, and deploy your own social media campaigns which will help you implement a better and more comprehensive marketing strategy.


The ICDL International computer driving license is put together for especially for young marketers who are working as professionals for various brands and businesses. The course will make them realize the importance of creating highly creative and fresh digital marketing campaign to communicate with the clients – the campaigns should be able to reach out to the audience and engage them on a personal level. The young attendees, after the completion of the course at Academy SIDM, will be able to see the bigger picture of an online marketer’s role in digital marketing.

What is ICDL certificate course?

The role of a digital marketer is different from the ones that advertising agencies or marketing companies have. A digital marketer should be able to develop strong brand-client relationships without affecting the structure of the brand’s business statement and taking their careers to new levels at the same time.  Agencies want creative and brave digital marketers who can understand the complexities of the business and who can put their creativity to good use when it comes to compiling comprehensive and highly-detailed digital marketing campaigns.

The ICDL qualification at Academy SIDM is designed specially to help the young marketers through the perfectly-balanced combination of practical learning and classroom-based, detailed marketing lessons.

How will the ICDL exam preparations work?

Students will work and learn under the capable guidance of digital marketing industry leaders in Delhi who will share their ideas of a perfect marketing campaign and how to change the existing ones. Attendees will be given a carefully constructed marketing syllabus updated with the latest changes in the course.

The students will also regularly meet with senior instructors who will empower them and examine their innovations over the course period.

The digital marketing courses at Academy SIDM are highly immersive and will prepare the students to have a prosperous career in the marketing field more than anything.

Who can attend the ICDL certification?

Anyone who wants to make a career in the marketing industry and have a little knowledge of various marketing tools and how things work online can attend the course. With the flexible structure of the courses, students will able to learn:

  • Campaign coordination
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Google AdWords
  • Analytics
  • Content Creation

Key takeaways from the course:

What are the best practices to build business-client relationship?

Importance of providing clear and accessible content to the clients.

How a fresh marketing campaign will drive revenue and improve your online rankings.

Achieving the thinking pattern of successful digital marketers around the world.

How to create a brand from nothing on the Internet.

To put it simply, students will gain the knowledge required to be an effective, successful marketing in today’s competitive industry at Academy SIDM


 “Make and execute better promoting efforts online by understanding complex client socioeconomic”

What if the prediction of the marketing experts turned out to be true? Digital Marketing course is a powerful tool and is being coined as the future of advertising and marketing. If everything kept rolling the way it is now, digital marketing will soon replace all the traditional and conventional methods to put your products in front of the audience.

What has made internet marketing training so important?

The future of digital marketing looks promising; in fact, it is the future of marketing. With everyone connected through the Internet, marketing your services and products online has become a norm everybody is trying.

Internet marketing gives you the ability to reach out to a wider customer base, reduces associated costs, engages the clients, enhances the brand image in the market, incepts the name of the brand in the subconscious of the clients, enhances brand loyalty, and most importantly, a carefully structured internet marketing campaign will gain the trust of the customers.

If you are looking to make it in the digital marketing business, learning the basics of internet marketing is very important and what better way to start than enrolling yourselves in the result-oriented and highly affordable digital marketing courses at ASIDM, Delhi.

Group/one-to-one Internet Marketing Classes

At the Institute, you will learn the complexities of Internet marketing under the guidance of some of the most experienced and highly learned instructors who have been in the digital marketing industry for years.

They will, during the Internet marketing course in Delhi, help the students in understanding the core foundations of mobile and content marketing, web analytics, SEO-based content, the importance of mobile-first ideas, and optimizations of the websites as per the regulations of search engines.

When it comes to digital and Internet marketing, it is all about reaching the audience and being relevant on the Internet – that is what the course will teach you – the how-to of digitizing the conventional marketing ideas.

Here is what you will learn during your Internet Marketing Training

  • Using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to not only increase the traffic on your external website, but to also engage the audience through product-related posts and ideas.
  • Understanding the online journey of various customer groups and making sense of their demographics – things they are interested in, products they are buying, products they are searching for, products they are leaving a comment on, their inquiry details, and then creating a marketing plan accordingly; something brands pay big bucks for.
  • Knowledge of SEO and web analytics which will help you in converting the website visitors into paying customers – you will also be able to promote the brand better.
  • Learn to not only design and strategize a custom marketing plan but to also execute it at the right time, which will depend on your personal Internet marketing wizardry.

If it involves digital marketing and an Internet connection, ASIDM is the place to get your Internet marketing course in Delhi.


ASIDM is dealt with and kept up by a portion of the best and most experienced advertising experts in Delhi – the Digital Marketing course is intended to show entrepreneurs and promoting proficient how to dispatch an effective SEO driven battle. A lucrative SEO Professional is what is on offer at the Institute.

We have a well-structured and result-oriented SEO blueprint

We have used the same resources, techniques, checklists, tools and practices to make our projects and the ones of our clients massively successful and we never hold back in sharing those practices with our students.

We take marketing professionals through a step-by-step process to bring in results using the proven SEO methods.

Our Private SEO Classes set us apart from the others in the industry

Our very own hands-on SEO training classrooms and labs enable us to stand out. During the classes, we let the students implement their own processes; their own keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, etc.

Our SEO training course in Delhi is structured by the experts of the industry to make the students and attendees confident about their own ability to implement the things they learn during the sessions.

Who is this SEO Training Certification ICDL for?

  • Marketing professionals and young, aspiring digital marketers who would want to kick start their SEO career and hone the skills they have acquired over the years.
  • Small and Mid-level business owners who would like to establish their presence online, achieve higher rankings, and most importantly, increase the traffic on their website organically.

To enroll yourselves in our SEO Course, you don’t have to have any previous SEO knowledge. Our classes will cater the students depending on their knowledge and skills.

What will be the important points to take away from the training classes?

  • SEO Content: How to bring in content that will increase the traffic on your website and improve your overall SEO quotient.
  • Keyword Research: How to know what your targeted audience is searching and what are the keywords they are using – half your work is done if you know the exact keywords.
  • SEO Audit: Knowledge about the habits that are hurting your website and are taking your rankings down on respective search engines.
  • On-Page Optimization: How to improve the meta descriptions, web pages of your website, meta tags, and most importantly, how to backlink your own website to make sure that the user is on the site for an extended period of time – engaging the audience is the.
  • SEO Tools: How to differentiate between healthy SEO tools and the ones that are not that useful to check the rankings of the page and the keywords.

We are pleased to put together a highly customized SEO training program for individuals, marketing teams, business owners, and young students.


Looking to start your own entrepreneurial journey? Want to become the next startup king? You are not alone. Almost every young college-goer and business enthusiast is thinking the same thing. So, how can you skip the queue and reach your goals faster and more efficiently? By connecting with people who are at the wavelength as you are and who are passionate about the project that you will be working at.

Funding is the final goal for many startups these days and that’s the reason more than 90% of them fail in the first months, the rest are either lucky or extraordinary that remain intact in such a competitive market.

The first thing every aspiring entrepreneur must remember is to not set goals that everyone is setting. Be different and work to give the customers something that will make their life easier. Inorganic funding shouldn’t be the goal. Instead, for the capital generation, Crowd-Funding should be the way to go. If you are here, you must know what crowdfunding is but for those who don’t, it happens when people come together and contribute a small amount towards a certain cause they believe in – large number of people adding just a small amount make up to millions.

Crowdfunding is slowly becoming the way to go as far as getting funds for a business, service, or even a cause is concerned. You do not have to worry about the banks and the interest rates that add up on the loans they give.

You just have to trust the 3 billion internet users and put something that will gain their attention and the funds will follow.

Of course, there is a lot that goes into the whole process and how to bring people together. But CrowdFunding sure is the latest trust-the-model-and-fund idea.

The most common way to kickstart a crowdfunding campaign is through the powerful social media. There are many websites, communities and social media handles that bring both service providers and donors together.

Some campaigns are based on rewards that donors will be able to avail after a certain period of product or service launch, based on the profits that business will make. And some also enable the donors to be stakeholders in the company. So, when the company profits, donors get a lump sum for their initial minimal donations.

Think about it, when almost everyone is using the internet, how hard could it be to find people interested in your idea? Just create a crowdfunding campaign online [easier said than done] and see the capital flow in, gradually.


Digital Marketing is no longer a thing of the future. In fact, it has taken the industry by a chokehold and has altered its way of working for good. When some people argue that print marketing is still king, you cannot deny the fact that marketing digitally outweighs the benefits of offline marketing, especially with the offline marketing giants also expanding online marketing.

According to ASIDM report on digital channels, social media and mobile marketing topped the charts last year. But with the Internet and online marketing techniques subject to constant change, one can only wonder what the next year will bring and how you can be ready to take advantage of more potent digital marketing techniques, year after year.

Here is a list of some emerging Digital Marketing Trends that will help you strategize your campaign better.

  1. Dynamic/Tailored Content

Today’s marketing and media landscape is reaching such a wide audience and user base because of the availability of personalized content. Not so long ago, there was a time when everyone knew everything about a selected few things – everyone watched the same television shows, visited the same websites and read the same magazines.

But today, everything is tailored made for every unique user – even his social media feed. Potential customers are always waiting in the mix; if you are an online marketer, you should know how to give the customers exactly what they want.

The marketing trend of creating tailored content especially for a certain group of internet users is known for triggering heavy response. With more marketing strategies being built around dynamic content and more businesses adapting to this paradigm, the trend will surely boost the conversion rates this year.

  1. Viral Content

Everyone sees this as a means to create a buzz over the internet for a short period of time – and in most cases, the virality of the content is short lived too. But to fully capitalize on the potential of viral content, you have to build a campaign that kickstarts with viral content – not a strategy that creates viral content.

Google decides your digital status based on your ranking on its search engine. So, the more likes, comments, shares and engagement you have on your content, the better your ranking will be. It is actually an easy way to finalize your website’s organic SEO.

  1. Video Marketing/Visual Marketing

Visual content started creating a buzz on social media in the middle of last year. With the preference being given to readable content at that time, it was believed that visual content will not be able to stand the test of time. But 2017 saw an increase in visual content – everything on social media and websites was changed from the usual bland content to catchy photos, visual graphics and presentations, and digital guides. Online marketers felt the potential and termed it as the new and improved way of generating leads, even the stats backed that up:

  • 73% B2B marketers claimed to get positive ROI after bringing in visual content into their marketing plans and strategies.
  • Around 60% social media users said that they would like to invest time watching a short video than reading a post/blog for that same information.
  • There was an 80% percent increase in conversion rates for websites that had some sort of video content on their landing page.

Bring in new users through visual content and hold on to them through informative and to-the-point content.

Digital marketing is a fickle business and if you are not updated with the latest marketing trends then you will surely be at a disadvantage. It is imperative that you know how the trends are changing and predict when the trends that are working just fine right now might change.