This curriculum module set out essential concepts and skills relating to the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, including creating of web presence, optimising content for search engines, using social media platforms, carrying out online marketing and advertising across a range of services as well as monitoring and improving campaigns using analytics.

We would like to add that understanding of MS Office productivity and Digital Marketing is now becoming a base eligibility in most career options. The way we conduct this is :

An assessment :

An online assessment test is conducted to gauge the principle understanding of the student group. This allows us to map a skill & knowledge level to customise the curriculum content to suit the needs of the students. We call this the DQ Test or the Digital Quotient Test

Training :

Depending on the outcome of the DQ Test, a curriculum module is designed to span 20 Hrs – 120 Hrs during which we educate students at the Base Level of the respective matter. Should they wish to gain more knowledge and skill on the subject matter, they can move to the Intermediary level and then the Advance Module.

Certification Test :

One the requisite curriculum is covered, we conduct an Online Test for the students. This test is monitored by an invigilator from ICDL Asia and is entirely error-free. All students who pass the test are given and ICDL Certificate, which is valid, accepted and endorsed in more than 126 countries.